Watchlist for 4/16/14

MINE – Big reversal candle today & was able to close green on very good volume. Will be watching it for some follow through tomorrow perhaps it sees a snapback trade into the mid .02s FRTD – Recently went from … Continue reading

Watchlist for 4/11/14

BCCI – Broke above low level flag today after spend the week consolidating. Broke & closed above .10c . Huge volume surge during the end of the day, wanna see a move above  .12c tomorrow we could see this one … Continue reading

Trading on a Laptop

Watchlist for 4/10/14

SPLI – Closed above that .18c level today and looks good for a little more to this bounce tomorrow. I think it can head back to .24ish tomorrow . SPLI closed near the highs so we should see some morning … Continue reading

Watchlist for 4/9/14

EAPH – Big reversal candle on big volume. Closed on the highs and looks good for a push to .06s tomorrow. I bought it right at the close at .045c and am looking for some momo tomorrow. I think .063ish … Continue reading