Monthly Archives: December 2012

How To Spot The Next Reversal

You’ve heard of the October 4th low and the June 4th low and more recently the November 16th low. Well this video breaks down why those dates are important to the market and shows you how you can spot the … Continue reading

Watchlist for 12/28/12

CERP – called this one out today on twitter as a possible reversal. Increasing volume and decreasing price action is a sign for a bottom/reversal. (or top in vice versa) If it pops above .03c tomorrow we could see a … Continue reading

Recognizing Breakout Patterns

Watchlist for 12/27/12

AMBS – Got our breakout above recent highs today from last nights watchlist and AMBS went on to run for a 40% move today. Looks good going into tomorrow now in blue sky territory. Resistance levels to watch are .12c … Continue reading

Watchlist for 12/26/12

 BION – We alerted this last week under .12c and it closed friday above .24c for another 100% runner. Formed another beauty of a bull flag before monday breaking out. This has a .30c magnet so looking there for next … Continue reading