About Us


The Stock Garage was formed to provide you with an area to better yourself as a trader.  We believe that the market is a place of study and those who study the most will see the greatest returns.  We believe in following basic trading rules and habits to make yourself more successful.  The Stock Garage is the best place to start if you are a new trader or if you are looking for a place to receive new trading ideas. The Stock Garage sets itself apart from other websites by bringing you nightly watch lists and brand new trading videos uploaded weekly.

Our website is designed to help you build your knowledge in regards to technical analysis and help you understand the difference between a “stock pick” and a setup. Our nightly watchlists are not stock picks but rather are setups that we believe have favorable risk to reward setups. If the setup goes to plan then we typically will trade them however if the setup doesn’t go to plan we typically avoid that stock for the day. These common setups that we have highlighted in our ‘charting’ sections are repeated through out the market on a daily basis and pattern recognition is a key concept that every trader should work on improving. Our site is designed for that.

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