Watchlist for 6/5/15

INTC – Stock is down 4 days in a row and falling into heavy support.  You know the drill, looking for a bounce tomorrow anything under 32 is an entry for me otherwise Ill gladly buy gap down and look … Continue reading

Watchlist for 6/2/15

AMZN – Saw a huge range today and faked out both the longs ( in the morning) and the shorts mid-afternoon but ended the day near its highs and right against resistance. Looking for tomorrow for a break above todays … Continue reading

Watchlist for 6/1/15

AMZN – In a wedge pattern will be looking for a break out of it this week, not sure on which direction but above or below 432 or 426 will determine my bias. Upside target 440 downside target 420. DIS … Continue reading

Watchlist for 4/28/15

Theme for tonight is premium collection. The market today showed signs it wants to rest so I want to find stocks that have seen a fairly big move last few days that also look due for a rest. PCLN – … Continue reading

Watchlist for 4/21/15

AAPL – This one looks so freaking good to me, I still think we get 130s prior to earnings.  Wedge pattern on the daily and today it saw both the bottom of the wedge & then closed on the top … Continue reading