Watchlist for 8/27/14

FB – started to breakout today after spending last few days trading fairly tight near highs. Tomorrow with all-time highs only .75c away I gotta imagine that gets touched & broken. It gets into blue skies who knows how high … Continue reading

Watchlist for 8/26/14

APC – Holding on highs for the last 2 months but is starting to show signs it could extend & breakout to new 52w highs this week.  Last week it spent its time holding tight above 110 & then today … Continue reading

Watchlist for 8/22/14

TWTR – In a bull flag trading tight between 44.75-45.50 and I don’t expect TWTR to stay in this range for too much longer. On watch a big move out this pattern in either direction. If I had to pick … Continue reading

Watchlist for 8/19/14

TSLA – Failed breakout today & went on to close on the lows showing some serious resistance above 263. TSLA hasn’t seen back to back down days since 7/17 and I got a feeling that changes tomorrow. Looking for a … Continue reading

Watchlist for 8/18/14

EXPE – Very bullish setup here, its been trading in a pretty tight range for the last two weeks as it sits on highs, I think this week we see it continue its upward momentum. Looking for new 52w highs … Continue reading