Watchlist for 11/20/14

DDD – counter-trend long setup her, its spent the last 2 months fading hard under the 8/21ma’s but today show signs it might break that trend.  Watch tomorrow for a break above prior high could see a fast paced move … Continue reading

Watchlist for 11/19/14

BABA – Broke upper level support at 113 and couldn’t recover. Looking for more downside tomorrow with the 21ma being the next area of support around 105.  A slight gap up is best entry area and then look for wash … Continue reading

Watchlist for 11/18/14

Theme tonight is get ready for volatility.  Ya know, the VIX was quietly up 5% today. However volatility can work both ways. SPY hasn’t gone anywhere 7 days but I expect this to change into monthly Exp. I am holding … Continue reading

Watchlist for 11/6/14

AEO – Trading in a nice channel and today saw a big perk up in volume. Watching for some follow through tomorrow with a target of 14-14.50 by end of the week. Options not very liquid but the stock is … Continue reading

Watchlist for 10/29/14

LOCO – Woke up today after spending last few months consolidating it finally popped closing up over 6% and looks ready to rock and roll. The chart looks great I think we see LOCO push for 40s by end of … Continue reading