Watchlist for 10/29/14

LOCO – Woke up today after spending last few months consolidating it finally popped closing up over 6% and looks ready to rock and roll. The chart looks great I think we see LOCO push for 40s by end of … Continue reading

Watchlist for 10/24/14

WYNN – In a descending channel with the 3 big lower lows over the last month but if you look at the action from this week you’ll see it formed a significant higher low and is getting into a really … Continue reading

Watchlist for 10/23/14

WAG – Forming a low level wedge pattern, watching to see if it can tighten up some in the 61-62 range to signal that its going to break out of the pattern. Might still need a few days but I … Continue reading

Watchlist for 10/9/14

Trust today’s low, almost every stock I looked at tonight showed a big hammer candles so looks like a market wide bottom. CVX – Found a big bottom today with a big engulfing candle and now the weekly candle is … Continue reading

Watchlist for 10/8/14

The theme tonight is get ready to buy the dip GOOGL – The consensus on GOOGL has shifted drastically it seems according to the twitterverse. GOOGL today suffered a big down day as it again tested its 200ma something its … Continue reading