Watchlist for 1/11/13

TZYM – Big volume past 2 days and good price action. Watch for a .67c break tomorrow  and resistance level to watch is .75c then 1.00.

EDIG – Still watching for a .15c breakout. Should easy pop to .18c if it crosses above .15c.  Love the consistent volume but if it cant break .15c tomorrow then Ill take it off watchlist.

ALQA – Got big volume few days ago and now is presenting us with resistance at .063. Watching for a breakout above .063

ELTP – Bio stocks have been hot as of late and ELTP has been getting really big volume and yesterday and today broke above a short term downtrend line. Looking for some follow thru tomorrow. Playing the previous HOD break is what Im looking at. Above .10c then we have more room to run to .12-.13c…..must hold support is .08c

HUSA – First day of breaking into the gap left back in Dec. Looking for a move to cover 50% of the gap. So open range from .30-.50 roughly so .40c target.  and .26c is the support level to watch tomorrow.

USTU – Added to promo watch today. Got some good volume today on a brand new chart. Just watching for momo.


GS – Broke above flag pattern today and now eyes are set for 140. GS has no doubt been the leader of the banks for past 2 months running 35% since August. And with XLF  very close to breaking a key level at 17.20 GS could be big runner tomorrow and going into next til earnings.

EBAY – Holding into a tight range so far for 2013 but today EBAY hit its 8ma and then bounced really hard to close right at the highs which leads me to believe that EBAY is ready to breakout again.  57 target for next move. Might take some Feb calls on EBAY for a options swing trade.  I think new all-time highs are in play for EBAY in coming weeks.

FB – Looking to find a top in FB tomorrow. I noticed that today to end the day FB had big  volume but limited price action which is toppy action. Also looking at 200day chart back in June/July 31.50ish was a resistance point and I think grabbing some 31 strike puts for next week expiry could do well because a pullback back to its 8ma seems very likely. (around 29 right now)… If it does extend past 31.50 then I wont take any puts.