Watchlist for 1/13/14

ELTP - Broke above a bull flag on friday and came within .001c of breaking into new 52w highs. I think ELTP does indeed break into new 52w highs (.168c) this week and if this happens we could see another momo move here. the stock is a former runner, I’m looking for .25ish as my target.  I am long ELTP.

CTSO - On breakout watch this week for a move above .135c. The stock hasn’t seen a big run in years but I like this pattern thats setting up and with OTC’s being on fire recently I think we could see CTSO get a nice move above .135c  I would look for .18-.20c as a realistic target using .128c as stop.

ALBKY - Broke above bull flag on friday and closed super strong. Watch for a break above prior high here for continuation out of the flag. ALBKY has a good history of 3 day rips and friday would be a ‘day 1’ . Use .26c as a stop loss, don’t wanna see it give up the bull flag breakout

GNBT - Broke above the bull flag we were watching this week and closed near the highs on friday. Looking for some more volatility here, the trading volume on friday was highest since Feb of 2013.  I think .07c will act as a magnet here

MUX - In a bull flag on daily chart that I am looking for it to break above. Needs to break above 2.17c to get second leg higher back to prior resistance around 2.45-2.50.  I am currently long MUX and I am using that area as my target and using a 2.00 stop. Ill give it until Tuesday for it break above the flag, if it fails to do it by then I will get out.  I like the volume increase on friday, to me this signals demand is picking up and we will break that 2.17c on monday.

FNMA - Still holding on its most recent run. Back to back red candles but the volume was very low and it only dropped 3.5%. I think this is setting up for another rip this week. Ill probably be taking a position on monday using 3.00 as a stop and will wait for the bull flag to break out.

Big Boards

TSLA - Looking for a bounce back week for TSLA. Needs to continue to hold support at 145 but I think this area is a great buying spot. Ill use fridays low as my stop loss and Im gonna target a move up to 155.

AAPL - Looking to buy the dip on AAPL on any cross under 530 on monday, I think this stock gets ramped up into monthly expiration. There is some heavy resistance around 546 so be aware of that level but if it finds a way to get there early in the week I think that would open the door for a move above 550 this week. But it would need 546+ by Wed.  AAPL has been hugging its low BB line and in the past this has been great buying opportunities, hoping to see a repeat again this week.

Remember this is just a watchlist and do not guarantee to be profitable trades. Use your own judgment when making the trade.

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