Watchlist for 1/15/14

AMBS - Broke out of multi-month resistance today and is setup to hit new 52w highs soon. The OTC market has been on fire so far this year and we definitely saw money rotate into AMBS today posting well over 35mill shares today. Needs to hold above .105c tomorrow and upcoming resistances are at .145 and .17c.   ….. For those familiar with 3bar rule. today is a day 1.

FNMA - Nice engulfing bar today that closed near highs. I think buying it now using todays low as a hard stop loss is a great trade idea and I would target new 52w highs on the next rally. I came into long some shares but unfortunately sold it at the bottom tick. I will probably get back in tomorrow.

DKAM - Nice breakout today on a now wide open chart. Could see a rip tomorrow up above .02c.  This stock isn’t the most liquid of the group but it could see some big ranges tomorrow. Its gotta hold above .01c and once it breaks above todays high at .012c it shouldn’t go back below it, if it does thats a red flag to get out.

VICL - Broke into a huge gap left back in August of 2013. Its an open gap all the way up to around 3.50. Now with a gap this wide we cant anticipate it filling in the entire thing, but we can look at where 50% of the gap fill would be. So open gap from 3.57 (Aug 9 low) to 1.61 (Aug 12 high). 50% between those two levels would be at 2.59. Thats our target .


GILD - Looks ready to break out of multi-week consolidation and rip into new all-time highs this week & hopefully starting tomorrow. Looking to be active in it right away at open tomorrow and will target new highs ( above 76.11 ) . No idea where next resistance will be but looking at current OI 80 seems like heavy resistance. Seems like lots of call spreads placed on the 75/80 calls so they want GILD to get above 75 and stay below 80.

TSLA - Hope ya bought the dip :) . TSLA after a brief pause on the train that is heading to the moon, today left the station yet again and ripped an incredible 15% and is up even more in after hours.TSLA broke above big long wedge pattern today and shorts are completely screwed yet again. Short interest increased to 36% . This should be on everyones radar going forward because I got a feeling that we are going to see new all-time highs fairly soon. Short term, I think 174-175 will get tagged tomorrow and I will trade it long to that level however once/if it gets there I will have to switch to short side and look for the logical pullback. I think we close the week under 170 so rips above it I think will be good shorting opps for this week in particular.

Remember this is just a watchlist and do not guarantee to be profitable trades. Use your own judgment when making the trade.

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