Watchlist for 12/11/13

FORM - Broke into the gap today and went on to close really strong. Looking for the gap to completely fill tomorrow and a move up to 6.40 is in play tomorrow.. Needs a 15min close above 5.90 for trigger long

SSRI -  Gap and go today but closed strong at the highs today. I like that it broke above the little downtrend it had today. Looking for multi-day move to 7.50-8.

ENPH - This stock has been beaten down recently but reached support time. An area that has provided two nice bounces in the past ( april and august ) from this level. I think we get another bounce starting tomorrow with 6.80ish target. Watch for prior high break at 5.85

XNCR - New IPO that got a big pop today and looks like its going to hit new highs tomorrow. Sometimes these new IPO names when they break highs early in their life they can make big moves. I think we could see a big move tomorrow. Watch for 9.20 break and key support at 8.90ish

BGMD - huge volume all day today and was able to close above resistance at 1.00 today. Watch for more momo tomorrow  A break above 1.25 should trigger it back to 1.60ish

VPCO - Bull flag on daily chart that looks poised to breakout tomorrow. Needs to break 1.98 tomorrow and then its in blue sky territory.

BBRY - Nice reversal candle on high volume, stock is very oversold and has made big moves off the lows in recent months and todays candle looks like a start of a nice bounce. I think the gap left at the end of Oct could get filled on a bounce this week. Open gap to 7.40

TTNP - Has a good history of getting back to back wide range green bars and with today giving us a wide range green bar and closing at highs I think tomorrow odds are we get another one. Next resistance level is at .95c and thats my target for tomorrow.


TLT - If you took the 52w low test last week as a good opportunity with me you should be sitting happy now after todays action. I like how strong we closed today and am looking for 105s to get touched tomorrow which would be my exit target. I am long weekly 103x calls from last week.

SLB - The energy sector (XLE) looks vulnerable to me up here and is one sector that didn’t shoot back to highs yesterday when SPY and other sectors did to me this shows relative weakness. Anytime I see a sector showing weakness/strength I try to narrow down to 1 stock that I could place a trade on in that sector. This is where I came up with SLB because SLB has a bear flag on the daily chart and is arguably one of the weakest stocks in that sector. Looking to buy next weeks 87.50 puts for a swing short play as I wait for this bear flag to breakdown. I will use 88.50 as a stop and a target of 84-85.

NFLX - What a beast. I mean seriously, what a beast. Anyway NFLX today gave us nice igniting bar, simliar to the candle on 11/14. Also on the 15min chart it closed with a nice bull flag today. Tomorrow if we gap down slightly it should be a good buy spot as long as 361 holds up for a r/g rip move. Otherwise, a gap and go day would make sense above 366 with 370+ being in play this week.



Remember this is just a watchlist and do not guarantee to be profitable trades. Use your own judgment when making the trade.

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