Watchlist for 1/22/14

LQMT - Broke above the bull flag pattern today and closed on dead highs. Last time we saw this happen it was followed with a gap down. If that happens tomorrow it will NOT be in play, however a flat open or a gap up and I think LQMT can give us another big day tomorrow with .32c being next resistance and then .37c

AMBS - Watching for a break above .12c tomorrow for a move into new highs. The stock been trading a lot right under .12c and I think its about time to breakout . Patience pays, wait for that .12c break. If we get a 12c break then it should stay above .11c going forward otherwise Ill stop out.

FNMA - Still on breakout watch for tomorrow, today FNMA pretty much had no volume and 0 price action. Looking for a big surge in volume to trigger the next move. Ill look for over 1.5million shares traded on a 15min green candle to get me involved.

MJNA - Weed stock thats holding up in bull flag and has been in a very tight range the last few sessions, I think a break above .20c tomorrow though could lead to this bull flag breakout this week. This is one of the better/healthier charts in this sector.

PHOT - On bounce watch tomorrow, the stock has been down 5 days in a row and during that period it hasn’t gone above the prior days high either. Watch for that to change tomorrow for a trigger long for a bounce back to .24ish / wait for prior high break!


FB  - I wish I was long this stock overnight. FB has a great setup to blast into new all-time highs this week. I think we will see a move to 61-62 this week . Watch for a gap down tomorrow to buy for a r/g rip otherwise a break above 58.96 will be my trigger long using the 60x calls.

AMZN - Broke into all-time highs today and I think will be good for our 410 target from last night tomorrow. Simple prior high break is all I need to play this one long using 405 as a area to buy the dip on a gap down tomorrow.

GMCR - In a bull flag on the daily chart and is getting tighter and tighter the last few days. Which to me is a signal that a big move (I think up) is coming soon. I like how the dip today was bought and gave us a mini hammer candle. I like the weekly 80x calls for 1.00 with a target of 82 for tomorrow/thursday.

Remember this is just a watchlist and do not guarantee to be profitable trades. Use your own judgment when making the trade.

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