Watchlist for 1/8/14

LQMT - Huge rip today and closed on the highs. I went long at .22c today after I saw it broke above a multi-month consolidation. This stock is a former runner and I have a great feeling that this will be a gap & go tomorrow with .30-.32c being next resistance & my target. I am long LQMT overnight.

FNMA - Huge bullish engulfing candle today, engulfing the last 6 days or trading on very high volume. FNMA also closed on the highs and looks great for another momo trade back to new highs, looking for a move to 4+ in the coming week or so. I am long FNMA at 2.99 and planning on swinging for that 4+ target.  Needs to get above and close above 3.14 tomorrow.

FMCC - Runs with FNMA, also a very nice engulfing bar today and actually has been holding up better the last few weeks than FNMA has. Should shoot back to 3.10 relatively easy tomorrow, the only reason I chose FNMA over FMCC is because of volume, FNMA has more.

GNBT - Watch for a break above .042c tomorrow thats been a resistance level for the last year and if it can break above that level its in pretty much blue skies. If it breaks .042c and you buy it, use a tight stop at .04c because the stock is up 4 days in a row and typically we don’t like buying after that many days up but with the big increase in volume last two days I think chances are we blast through .042c tomorrow. 06c target

GNK - In a bull flag here on daily chart, watch for a break above 2.60ish tomorrow to shoot GNK back to next resistance level around 3.10 . Good history of multi-day moves.

EDXC - OTC’s continue to be hot this year so far and EDXC was one our on radar today for a breakout and it got a big rip towards the close and I think will be another penny play that makes a move to highs this week. 100 day highs are at .14c and I think thats in play for this week.

CBIS - Been consolidating the last few sessions on the highs and while a few other stocks like GRNH HEMP & PHOT have continued to rip higher CBIS has laid low. I think that changes tomorrow and we see money rotate into CBIS. Watch for a .09c break tomorrow for a shot back to new highs, if it runs like some of the other weed stocks we could see mid .20s in a few days. Key support at .08c


LNKD - A massive bullish engulfing reversal candle today as it gapped down big but then closed at the highs up almost 3% today. Watching for more follow through tomorrow, LNKD has seen a big wide range green bar like todays since 12/4/13 and that bar led to a great 5 day swing to the upside. I think we can see something like that happen here again with a target at 220. A gap down that holds 208 is a good buy spot for a move to r/g.

TRIP - Nice big move today and with a stock that has a big 20% short float this could have continued upside tomorrow. Ill just use prior high break as signal entry and Ill target a move to 86.50-87.00 .Just a day trade setup because Im not seeing much as far as big setups for tomorrow.

Remember this is just a watchlist and do not guarantee to be profitable trades. Use your own judgment when making the trade.

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