Watchlist for 2/12/13

MWIP – Now up 1500% since first alert MWIP yet again closed at new 52w highs. Tomorrow looks like we get the final day of this current run likely to our .09-10c target. Then I would suggest waiting a few days to get us another setup.

ERBB – Huge run from our .0034 alert last week ERBB today closed above .01c and looks like we could see a little more upside to this move but just like with MWIP I think tomorrow will be last day of this current run before consolidation

ENTB – Big time move today from our weekend watchlist – gap and go trade today above that .0025 resistance level. Tomorrow I think .005+ is in play. Really liked the close today closing just shy of HOD. Very strong DAY ONE breakout today.

SNDY – Finally today it broke and CLOSED above .0045 to confirm the breakout. Tomorrow SNDY needs a strong push above .005. If we get that I see no reason by we cant run to .007ish

VPLM – Nice breakout today above .03 straight off watchlist. Closed at the HOD and looks good for the rest of the week. I think this will be a be multiday runner. Use prior day low for stops. Needs to break previous high of .035 tomorrow AM ….05c target here

CLSN – Got killed a few weeks ago after bad FDA news but now is setting up a nice trade here. Watch for a break above 1.72 (the HOD from big gap down) …Above that level we could see a really nice bounce to 3ish.


CMG – CMG broke above the nice bull flag formation today but failed to close above it. However CMG did close at the highest level of 2013 and is just under its 200ma. Tomorrow CMG is looking like it will test and hopefully break its 200ma at 325ish. If we blast through 325 with power I think the next target is right around 335. CMG has been on a tear in 2013 ever since that big gap down on January 16th. Im currently in 330strike calls overnight

AAPL – Keep on watch for some big moves tomorrow. Tough to say which direction we are heading but tomorrow Tim Cook is expected to speak at a conference and it could really get AAPL moving to one side or another. Since topping out at 700 the 21ma has been a great get short place and today we closed right above the 21sma so I think many people are looking to short AAPL. However. AAPL did fill in the gap from its earnings and might have found a short term base at 435. I will be trading around todays HOD and LOD tomorrow.

AMZN – Nice bear flag setup going into today and it broke under its recent support of 260 and more importantly closed under it. The 100ma is right around 252 and thats where Im looking to ride the short down too.