Watchlist for 2/19/14

FNMA – Big volume at the end of the day as this chart continues to consolidate at the highs.  I think its a matter of when, not if as to getting this stock to breakout. Perhaps the volume surge at the end of today is what will trigger the next leg higher. Needs to break & close above 3.15c tomorrow.  4+ target if the momo swing begins

FMCC - Woke up today and broke above Feb highs which is good to see, this looks like be taking the lead and will be the first to reach new 52w highs in my opinion ( comparing with FNMA ) . the only issue with FMCC is much lower liquidity but it still has plenty!

CTSO - This pattern continues to present itself and its just a matter of time before it rips higher. This setup is identical to what we saw ELTP do last week and look at that move, ELTP ran  .29c to .45c in just a few days. Well I think CTSO can do a very similar move, watch above .272c tomorrow.

LVVV - Broke above a perfect bull flag today, and I think based upon the way it closed it will give us good follow through tomorrow/this week with .20c being my target. Needs to stay above support at .105c

ONCS - Been consolidating for the last few weeks following its huge run from .20s up to .50s in late December.  I think based upon todays candle & volume we will quickly return back to new 52w highs this week. On watch for a swing trade up to .75ish.

VGZ - Awesome breakout today above recent highs around .70c and is now pretty much an open chart I think up to  highs set back in Aug of 2013.  Looking for a swing trade to 1.05c over the next week or so.


CSIQ - Was on our watch list last week along with FSLR & SCTY and it appears we were a few days early but SCTY today snapped to new highs and looks good tomorrow but I wanna play the stock that I think is also going to rip to new highs & thats where CSIQ comes in. I really like the 40x weekly calls for tomorrow with 43ish as my target for this week.

SPWR - Another solar stock that looks really good following a multi-month consolidation pattern on highs. Id look into getting some March 35x calls in anticipation of a breakout play into new highs. If you look at 10yr chart you can see that this 35ish is big resistance but once that levels breaks out there is much much in the way until 55+

GS - I believe the markets are setup to rip to new all-time highs this week and with that mindset there is one key sector that must participate and that is the banks. I look at GS’s chart and I see a bear flag that is forming that I strongly believe will fail and reverse back higher, perhaps it can do it tomorrow with all the key econ data & with the FOMC minutes tomorrow at 2pm EST. GS needs to get above 166.25c tomorrow morning & if it can do that I believe a snap back above 170 is in play this week. Today there was some pretty heavy call buying going on the 165x weekly calls & I also jumped into those towards the end of the day and am holding them overnight.

EBAY - The daily range finally began to spread open today as it broke above 55c but it did fail to close at the highs but I think the day that EBAY opens up strong is the day we can actually rip & close on highs. The last 4 days we have began the day with weakness and reversed back green. I think the close above 55 today is something key to note and a return back to the top of the multi-month wedge is for sure in the cards this week and perhaps tomorrow.  I am still very much long EBAY with March options & with stock.

Remember this is just a watchlist and do not guarantee to be profitable trades. Use your own judgment when making the trade.

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