Watchlist for 2/5/14

GRNH - Nice breakout today above a little channel its been in for last few weeks and closed very strong. I bought back GRNH towards the close and am looking for a gap & go day tomorrow like what we saw back in early Jan. If GRNH gaps down thats a big red flag to get out (look at 1/28)  . Im targeting .80c tomorrow and will use .57c as a stop loss. I am long GRNH.

CBIS - The weed stock rotation continues, HEMP made the big move and now GRNH & CBIS are getting legs again. I also bought this one into the close and am looking for a break into new 52w highs tomorrow.  Ill use .25 as my target although it could go higher. I am long CBIS.

HXM - I tried to buy this at the end of the day but I typed in the order wrong, oh well I will try to play it tomorrow. I really like this low level bull flag, it reminds me a lot of MUX, a stock I did a swing trade on off a very similar pattern around 2.15c. Looking to swing HXM back to key resistance at 1.90 and then will re-evaluate the setup. If it consolidates around 1.90 for a few days it very well could see an even bigger move up to 2.20 but I will make the judgement if/when it gets there. 1.52 is key stop loss .

REFG - Breakout today out of multi-week range on pretty high volume. I dont remember this stock being a weed stock, perhaps it changed its name because weed stocks are super hot right now but either way, watching for a break above prior high tomorrow. The chart is pretty wide open I think. Target for tomorrow is .36c .  Must break .30c and stay above it though


TSLA - Nice consolidation on highs the last few days while the markets had tanked. TSLA still has a very high short float and wont stay quiet for too much longer. I think tomorrow if TSLA can get above 179.50 that it will make a run into the 190s this week but would expect the all-time high at 194.50 to be big resistance.

WFC - Nice reversal candle today for WFC which is one of better looking bank stocks in terms of relative strength. I think it can see a nice bounce back to 46 this week as long as market bounce continues.

GILD - If the market bounce continues tomorrow I think we could see GILD push back to new all-time highs this week. This is one of the healthier stocks in the market and is a stand out in the bio-tech area. Watch for a move above 82.20. If it gets that break the chart is wide open to all-time high at 84.40

GOOG - If markets are weak tomorrow GOOG is a very appealing short setup to me, with todays inverted hammer candle & the fact it gave up its earnings gap in just 1 day. I think 1100 is going to act as a magnet for this week. Watch for a break under todays low for the trigger short. A gap down would also be very bearish for GOOG.  The option prices are fairly high on GOOG so if I trade it I’ll be using a put spread. Probably the 1135/1130 put spread or go wider with 1135/1125 spread.

Remember this is just a watchlist and do not guarantee to be profitable trades. Use your own judgment when making the trade.

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