Watchlist for 3/11/14

GRNH - mutli month consolidation that I think is ready to wake up with a couple of the other weed stocks perking up today I think GRNH will also follow suit. I am long GRNH overnight using .40ish stop loss & targeting a move to .60s

PHOT - Broke out of the consolidation pattern today & closed very well. Looks good tomorrow for some follow through with new 52w highs in play. Watching for a gap & go day tomorrow with .60s in play tomorrow.

ERBB - Nice pop today on high volume also closed at the highs as well. Looks good for a test of prior highs around .045c tomorrow. I think it can break .045c this week and maybe see another big move up to .06c.  OTCs are stupid strong last few weeks

 FSPM - Bull flag on daily chart, reminds me a lot of CANN because the stock runs on air and if it break above resistance at 8.80 tomorrow it could see another huge rip. The stock has run from .04c up to 8s so far this year. insane runner

MJNA - Another weed stock that has consolidated the recent run in Jan very well and looks like it could wake up as well. Watch this one above .32c tomorrow I think it could see a quick snap back day back to .40c tomorrow. Weed stocks seem to be back in play this week


CAT - I bought the dip today & went back in some calls for CAT. I like how it closed with a really nice hammer candle which recently has led to a return back to the highs around 98.00 Im looking for CAT to finally break the bull flag on the daily chart this week & will continue to use the 96.00 stop level. I am long stock & 100x monthly calls.

CVX - Huge reversal candle today as it basically went through the range its been in for the last week and a half but closed at the highs of it. Watch for a break above 116 tomorrow because if that happens the chart is pretty open until the 119-120ish level. I am long CVX shares & monthly 120x call options going into tomorrow.

AAPL - I started a swing position today in anticipation of this wedge pattern on AAPL breaking out soon. I will use 526 as a stop loss spot & add if we break above 535 which is where AAPL needs to go above in order to break above this wedge. That would also get it back above the 50/100ma’s.  A daily close above 535 tomorrow would open the door for a move to 550 this week. I am long AAPL 550x monthly calls.

Remember this is just a watchlist and do not guarantee to be profitable trades. Use your own judgment when making the trade.

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