Watchlist for 4/29/14

SPLI - Snapped back today as it broke higher out of the bear flag it was forming. Now its about seeing how far can it bounce? There is some resistance at .19c and then big resistance around .23c. Should have good volume & volatility tomorrow

ZAAP - bullish engulfing candle today absorbing the last few weeks of trading. Watch for continuation tomorrow, its gonna need a daily close above .25c tomorrow to get momo alive

BCLI - Has been consolidating recently but today saw a big pop in volume which might lead to a breakout from this .24-.30c range tomorrow. watching for a move above .30c with some volume with new 52w highs being the target

AGEN - gap & go today on high volume and went on to close on the highs. The candle today seems very similar to the candle on 2/19 which led to a big multi day rally.  minor resistance at 3.32 but I think ultimately can go fill the gap around 4.00


AAPL - Monster gap, hold & go from earnings but now is getting a little extended and I will be looking to get slightly short on more upside tomorrow. Good chance that AAPL rips above 600 tomorrow but I think we finish the week closer to 585 or 590. Will get positioned for a slight pullback into EOW on AAPL.

TGT - Broke above a little wedge pattern today and closed near the highs. could be setup for a pretty healthy week with not much in terms of resistances until we get into the 64-65 zone.

AMGN - Saw a nasty breakdown lower this morning but that morning weakness was watched with a strong close and the ‘close’ is always more important than the open. I like the hammer bottom today on AMGN and will be looking for some strength there tomorrow with 114-115 area as a target. Prior high is a major pivot



Remember this is just a watchlist and do not guarantee to be profitable trades. Use your own judgment when making the trade.

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