Watchlist for 4/8/14

MCIG - Put in a big hammer candle yesterday so will have to watch today to see if it gets any follow through. If it can break above prior high could be good for a trade back up to mid .70s today.

TEMN - Close above a bull flag yesterday and is looking like it will go from sub-penny to penny land today. The flag was good, it saw low volume during the flag and then got a surge in volume yesterday when it began breaking out…Needs to break above .0095 & HOLD above it to keep the momo. If it goes above & then back under thats warning sign its getting rejected at highs.

ITNS - Sill in this bull flag formation that now needs to break above top of the flag at .026 which it could do today. keep it on radar

TCPS - Bull flag on daily chart, watch for a move above .0111 for a continuation out of the flag. This stock is a former runner, former runners run.

SPLI - On bounce watch today if it gets another big tank job today and goes down to to .075c I think it will be a great bounce opportunity. Im not saying it will go down there but if it does Ill play it for a bounce.


NFLX - Looking for a bounce today. Yesterday it put in a decent reversal candle & actually closed green despite the rest of the market continuing to slide. NFLX filled in its earnings gap yesterday when it went under 333 and is currently very oversold. I think a bounce back to around 360 is likely today/tomorrow. RSI is at 22, were right on the 200ma, the stock is 16$ away from its 8ma & $50 away from its 21ma. Bounce is overdue but wouldn’t think NFLX retraces very much of the move which is why Im think 360s might be all we get. I am long NFLX.

LNKD - Dropped to new 52w lows yesterdays as is looking incredibly weak right now however extreme weakness can lead to good dip buying opportunities. I see some support in the 153-155 zone so Ill be looking there to put on some kinda of bullish position if it drops down there with the thinking that LNKD has dropped in 5 days & is due for a bounce.

GS - Broke major support yesterday and is looking incredibly ugly for the time being. I like this one for a short for the rest of the week with 153ish being my target. If it does bounce today and move above 160.50ish should be a good spot for a reshort. No position on it right now but will be in play today.



Remember this is just a watchlist and do not guarantee to be profitable trades. Use your own judgment when making the trade.

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