Watchlist for 6/4/14

XIDEQ – Huge move today who knows what it can lead to. Watch & wait for a prior break for continuation. next resistance comes in the .28-.30c range.

FNMA FMCC – finally woke up today after spending the last few days in a really tight pattern. Now its very key to get above 4.90 because its failed there a few times over last few months so a close above that area and i think we see it take out 52w highs.

ANAD – lower level wedge pattern, watch above 1.15 tomorrow could see big range tomorrow up to 1.40s this week.  Needs a daily close outside the wedge

BCCI – mid-level wedge that started to perk up today with some volume. I think with more eyes on it it can breakout higher back up to recent highs around .16c . Might do a swing trade against .10c

BRDT – Former runner that is showing characteristics of a multi-day/week run here. Increasing voume and the daily ranges are staying the same & closed at the highs again. Looking for swing trade against todays low at .39c

BTCS – Potential igniting bar today ( a candle that can ignite a big move ) watch for a break above prior high. not much resistance until .24c

MINE – uh oh the cult stock has returned with a big pop in volume with over 80mill shares traded and closed up 10% today . This stock has gone on a few mega moves so far this year so anytime it gets volume like today you gotta pay respect. Watch for .02c break tomorrow might see this return back to .036c into end of the week.


BAC – Been holding above the gap from last week very well and has been holding in this really tight range that I think is poised to break tomorrow. needs to get above 15.30c with volume, because I think that can lead it into the next big gap above 15.41. I am in some 15x calls that expire next week.

NFLX – finally got exhausted today and put in a pretty decent top candle we can now trade against. I think im gonna sell some calls above 425 tomorrow with hopes they expire worthless.  Also will probably use that credit to buy some 410x puts because I think were gonna see NFLX pay a visit under its 8ma which it has been under since May 12th.  the 8ma currently is at 408.

BBY – I was early last week, now It looks ready to go into the gap above 28.20s.  I still like for 30s in the short term and will be looking to reenter some calls tomorrow morning. Probably June monthly 28x calls.

HPQ – Really nice setup and a healthy looking stock. its been holding on highs since March but more importantly in the last 2 weeks or so we’ve seen an increase in volume as it starts to perk higher. I think Ill grab some June 34x calls in anticipation of HPQ breaking out higher in the next few days.


There are tons of healthy setups you can look through, here are some others


ATVI – GLW – VRTX – GILD – KO – MCHP – WDC – CMI – MU …. you get the idea. there are tons to pick from, dont look at the same old names you traded last year like PCLN AMZN GOOG AAPL FB TSLA etc … thats not where the current best setups are. good luck!

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